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Remember that cartoon? 3 kids – Esteban the adopted Spaniard, Zia the Inca girl and Tao the descendant of Mu – go on a quest for cities made out entirely of gold throughout South and Central America in the 16th century. Cue evil conquistadores, bumbling adventurers, mysterious temples that are all fitted with self-destruct devices, [...]

Under the snow

Last night it snowed all over the country. France being what it is, large parts of it are paralyzed by lack of official preparedness, silly panicking from seaside and city folks (yes, Parisian twits, I mean YOU), and the very French attitude of pretending that, really, the roads aren’t cleared, they’re too dangerous, I really [...]

… Look what I get a chance to eat! ^_^

I’ve been at work for about an hour and a half, and in that time I’ve seen a grand total of ten customers. And yet, I’ve had to go downstairs three times already to get change from the safe, because out of ten seven of them paid with 20 or 50 Euro notes – usually [...]

Nano winner!

Phew… Despite the feeling that what I wrote this year is mostly useless tripe, I still managed to kick my behind sufficiently to produce 50000 words this month. Even though Fallout 3 kept me quite busy too. Go me! ^_^ Of course, the usual addendum at this point is that I still need to finish the [...]

Nanowrimo 2008

So, for those of you who might be wondering why I’m not writing anything here lately, well… it’s November again! ^_^ Back to Nanowrimo, the crazy challenge that consists of writing 50000 words in one month. This is my third year, and I’ve won both previous ones, but I never finished the story started in [...]

Dawn… dawned on Atlanta, but I only got up a few hours after that – I’m not that crazy. Besides, most things opened only at 13.00 (that’s one pee-em, for all you military-time-impaired folks out there…), so it’s not like I’d be missing that much anyways. Still, around 10.00 I was out of my room, [...]

Ok, it’s about time I stop procrastinating about this and begin writing about my DCon trip before the memories start fading away. I’ve been fairly busy with a little work, and a lot of Yankee-related activities (and occasional moping bout – I know, I’m pathetic, but I miss them, so there), but that’s no longer an [...]

A parting of the ways…

Yesterday I was a very sad Frenchman indeed. After 6 years of friendship, 3 and a half of life in common, 6 months of neighbourly fun… my American friends are finally going back home to San Francisco. Kim left Monday morning at 5 AM with the munchkin. Sean will follow in three weeks. There are no [...]


I’m off to Dragon Con! Wheeeeeee!

Yeah, you read the title correctly. This is something that wasn’t actually inspired by Wall-E, merely brought once again to the fore of my brain. The real inspiration (besides the fact that it’s something I’ve been pondering for a while generally speaking) came from watching Star Wars III recently. In Revenge of the Sith, C-3PO [...]

I will freely and unabashedly admit that I am a “movie Nazi”. By that I mean that I belong to these people who think that going to the cinema and watching a movie on the big screen is an individual experience (contrary to theater), that you should be fully immersed in the film and have [...]

… get out of the Cybercafe… Summer is here, even in good old, cold Ireland (thank you Mr Climate Change!), and the temperature has gone up to a fancy 20, 21 degrees. This is actually my ideal temperature – not too warm, not too cold, perfect for enjoying a bit of a breeze. I should [...]

July 8th is my birthday. I generally don’t make a big fuss over it – no specific reason, just… I dunno. As time goes by, you start caring less about those things. I’m perfectly happy with spending some normal time with friends on that day, no frills. On the other hand, I also very much like [...]

One reason I haven’t made such a post before – besides my natural tendency to let things slide in this cyberspace, of course – is that pretty much all of my readers are either involved in the Spuds, or at the very least aware of them. Seems kinda redundant to go and make a post [...]

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