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Well, that was another weird one and no mistake… Before I write down the dream itself, let me take a minute to discuss the series Torchwood. It’s crap. It really is. Acting is pretty much lousy from everyone except Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones), special mention to John Barrowman for some of the most dire emotional sequences [...]

Ahooga! Ahooga!   Don’t mind me. I just arrived at work after spending about an hour with Mr Daddy Lightholder, and upon seeing that I was zoning out a bit – one of those days – he gave me a vitamin B12 pill. These babies seem to work wonders with him and his wife as [...]

It’s been a while since I posted anything that didn’t have anything to do with food. Been quite busy, also a bit off centre; and also the fact that not even the people who encouraged me to write this thing even bother reading it anymore isn’t encouraging much activity. Not necessarily their fault – if [...]

So, I’m dreaming. And it feels like pretty much normal life, in an idealized Small Town somewhere between Ireland and France: there are pretty, medieval looking old houses and winding streets, with every modern comfort known to man inside. I’m getting ready for work in my own house, doing all the getting-clean-getting-dressed-getting-fed stuff you do [...]

Sausage attack

I’ve just discovered an unexpected use for my new camera (Canon Ixus 860 SI, if anyone wonders). This morning I woke up after one of those dreams that make up most of my posts here, and I idly thought that I really should write it down. But the idea of getting out of bed to [...]

So, this is a multi-stage dream we have here. The first stage, vaguely remembered, is of me going for some sort of half-futuristic cop/military training, and either dropping out of it or being kicked out. Either way, during training I meet a guy who becomes a vague friend. Important for later. Second part: very, very [...]

Had another one of those long, convoluted dreams last night. I can’t remember everything in it though. Pity. So, it dealt with the colonization of another planet. There was first a small group of mostly scientists sent to the planet (I don’t think I was really part of them), and they discovered a rich, diverse [...]

The Hole

There’s this pit, you see, and it’s about… 4 to 5 meters in diameter. It’s a fairly straight, natural looking hole in the ground, with mostly rocky sides. You can’t see the bottom. And local people have been using it as a dumping spot for all their crap: mown grass, fridges, dead dogs, mars bars wraps, etc… [...]

When my memories start, I am inside a massive building, something like a cross between a hotel and a government building. I am heading towards the exit, frowning and cogitating hard. I have noticed that a lot of people that look and act like hardcore mercenaries are converging towards the top floor, in ones and twos, [...]


Last night’s ‘Yech!’ moment in the middle of an otherwise nice dream about flying and old friends: Opening a door looking for a friend, and finding Bruce Willis, in his strangely frilly underwear, shaving the back of his shoulders. … It had been a while since the last famous guest star in my dreams, and [...]

Saving Private Grumpy

Last night’s lesson from Oniros, God of dreams: When you’re in 1944, advancing with American forces and liberating a French town somewhere, right, and you’re with the very first infantry units inside the town, right, scouting ahead; and when you’ve just had a real nasty little firefight with German infantry among narrow-winding streets and slightly [...]

First lesson of last night: when your cat has just been caught by a pelican who’s determinedly trying to munch on his tail, whack the bird over the head with a vase. It will look at you with a reproachful expression before it croaks, but don’t let that detract you. Vicious buggers, pelicans.   But on [...]

Last night’s dream taught me one thing: if you decide the world is a video game, then so shall it be. Here’s how it went: I found myself, once again, in the middle of some firefight. 3 choppers are dropping commando troops at the edge of a forest inside which I’ve taken cover. With my [...]

The dream doesn’t just start there – there’s other stuff before, but I can’t remember it all. All I know is what’s relevant to this coming part: I’m a military man, a Marine I think – space-borne assault infantry at any rate. I’m a vet of some very, very nasty conflict; think something between Bastogne [...]