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Wall-E – Part 1

I went and saw Wall-E this weekend. And that inspired me to write this three-part post. No recipe this time, and only one is going to be me bitchin’ at someone. Ain’t that great? ^_^ So, part 1 is the movie itself. Brilliant. I really loved it. Technically it’s as good as the usual Pixar fare [...]

One reason I haven’t made such a post before – besides my natural tendency to let things slide in this cyberspace, of course – is that pretty much all of my readers are either involved in the Spuds, or at the very least aware of them. Seems kinda redundant to go and make a post [...]

Well, that was another weird one and no mistake… Before I write down the dream itself, let me take a minute to discuss the series Torchwood. It’s crap. It really is. Acting is pretty much lousy from everyone except Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones), special mention to John Barrowman for some of the most dire emotional sequences [...]

Ever since I started living with Sean and Kim, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the life of a musician. Starting with the fact that they have a life. Let me explain. Back home in France, a long long time ago when I was a kid, music was something that came out of a box [...]