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Boom. Monday morning, rise and shine, and all that. And that day we finished the important museums of Bruges with the City Hall and its two main rooms – one Renaissance, one Neo-Gothic. Bioooooootiful. No, really, it was. I just keep remembering the portrait of Felipe IV of Spain, who really looks like he belonged [...]

Ok, so, no pics, and some delay. I’m not feeling at the top of my game right now, although I’m getting better slowly, thank you; besides, it’s not like anyone reads this thing anyways. This really is pointless, when you think about it… But still. I started, I should at least finish with the Belgium [...]

To pick up where I left off before the week-end, that Friday in Bruges started with a desperate quest for a cybercafe, which yielded quite poor results, really. We found 4 – two were closed, one had no printer, and the last one we discovered only at 5.30, and charged me 2.50€ for 2 minutes [...]

So, on that first day, we stopped at Waterloo, because, hey, how could I not, and Mom didn’t actually mind, so there. There isn’t much to see of the battlefield itself – and we didn’t happen to be there for one of the re-enactments. Which is a pity, really. Seeing large amounts of guys who [...]

Verdun. For those who don’t know, this is a town in Eastern France, and the general area where a key battle of WWI took place. This is where the French soldiers – the ‘surrender monkeys’ to the dumber of our American friends – simply refused to yield. For ten months, the Germans attacked with massed [...]

I went to Belgium for the last two weeks. It’s my usual (at least for the last three years) Spring vacation with my Mom, who’s a wonderful person with great taste for travelling, enough money to do it without counting every penny along the way, and a heart big enough to share it with her [...]