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… Look what I get a chance to eat! ^_^

More Monday goodness

Encouraged by Kim’s fabulous Chinese BBQed pork, I decided to try some more exotic recipes – up till now I’ve been fairly staying around things that are either French, or pretty familiar to a French palate. Now, since I’m cooking for two Californians, I also decided that Chinese food is not something I should attempt [...]

That one was almost 3 weeks ago, shame on me shame on me. It was busy in the meantime, as I stated earlier. Fortunately the next week I only had a raclette on, and that doesn’t require an entry, really! So, let’s see if I can try and catch up today before I add a third extra week [...]

July 8th is my birthday. I generally don’t make a big fuss over it – no specific reason, just… I dunno. As time goes by, you start caring less about those things. I’m perfectly happy with spending some normal time with friends on that day, no frills. On the other hand, I also very much like [...]

Once again not much to say about the Monday itself, except that despite Kim’s rather accurate program for the evening we managed to keep the argument to a minimum, AND Sean stayed awake for all of Dr Who! How’s that for a splendid effort, mmh? Never mind, pretty private joke I suppose. The menu that [...]

One week and bits late, I know, but hey, it’s not like anyone’s reading. So, last week’s dinner – not much to report, just the usual fun. Layered glasses (verrines) For this one I managed to not find, forget to buy, or decide to pass on practically every ingredient in the actual recipe, apart from [...]

One month of dinners

Yep, it’s (past) that day again, and I shall give you a report on that fine evening, o you my inexistant readers! So this was the fourth week, and I’m glad to report we’re all still happy with doing it: I’m still having ridiculous fun cooking to French music, and my Yanks enjoy the food [...]

Third Monday

Monday has come and gone, and once again there was much merriment and enjoyment of the foodage. This time I didn’t forget my camera – although whatever skill I may have once had at taking pictures was obviously left behind in the kitchen with the dirty pots and pans! One thing I have to say about [...]

First Monday dinner

And as promised this is the menu from our first Monday night dinner, 19th of May. Starting off with some “Pirogues de concombres au saumon fumé“. These I was particularly happy with – they were delicious, fun to make, and a minimum of work even made them kinda pretty to look at. Hey, it was [...]

Monday foodage

Since I use this blog for everything and not much at all, including keeping a trace of those dreams I can remember, I figure another ridiculous use won’t actually hurt. With the readership I have, anyways, it’d be hard to do wrong… [Insert cricket noises and the mournful whistling of the wind here] So, as [...]