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Last night’s ‘Yech!’ moment in the middle of an otherwise nice dream about flying and old friends: Opening a door looking for a friend, and finding Bruce Willis, in his strangely frilly underwear, shaving the back of his shoulders. … It had been a while since the last famous guest star in my dreams, and [...]

Yesterday I got accused of being rude. I’s not the first time it happens. On occasions, it’s been 100% true – when a customer really pushed me too far, or when I was in a massively bad mood. I acknowledge those occasions. More often, I come across as rude because of just general Frenchness and [...]

Keep in touch

Further experimenting with technology, I managed to get two functions working today: the eMail contact form, and a Newsletter. If anyone feels like being spammed everytime I post something – you know, rather than having to load the page 20, 30 times a day, desperately hoping I added something to soothe your addiction – then just [...]

Ach, crivens!

Today, nothing. The latest Terry Pratchett came in the mail this morning – I’m busy laughing my ass off.

Ma copine Nadia, la chère enfant, m’a envoyé ça ce matin. Comme y’a pas de raison que mes non-lecteurs ne se régalent qu’en anglais, je me suis dit que ça ferait un petit article rigolo – et aussi que ce serait une bonne occasion pour m’essayer à mettre de l’image. Allez, boum, je tente: Et [...]

Going postal?

Here’s an email I received from a fella in the US of A who’s supposed to send me merchandise I’ve paid for almost 2 weeks ago. This is an established company, not an eBay thing: “Jerome, We are having a problem with the post office in getting your package mailed, they do not like the [...]

Ever since I started living with Sean and Kim, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the life of a musician. Starting with the fact that they have a life. Let me explain. Back home in France, a long long time ago when I was a kid, music was something that came out of a box [...]

Osama Bin Laden dead?

BBC article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/5374160.stm  France 2, in French: http://info.france2.fr/monde/24545121-fr.php Why would the French DGSE, for all its occasional history of goofyness, leak to the press a report saying bin Laden is dead? Considering how damaging it could be to its image, already tarnished as it is? Or to its relations with Saudi intelligence? It’s always possible that it [...]

Saving Private Grumpy

Last night’s lesson from Oniros, God of dreams: When you’re in 1944, advancing with American forces and liberating a French town somewhere, right, and you’re with the very first infantry units inside the town, right, scouting ahead; and when you’ve just had a real nasty little firefight with German infantry among narrow-winding streets and slightly [...]

First lesson of last night: when your cat has just been caught by a pelican who’s determinedly trying to munch on his tail, whack the bird over the head with a vase. It will look at you with a reproachful expression before it croaks, but don’t let that detract you. Vicious buggers, pelicans.   But on [...]

Today, it was pissing rain. Totally. Dropping buckets of H2O all over town – town which, despite being in the heartland of one of the wettest countries on this fairly wet Earth, has the drainage system of a Saharian shantytown. I swear when I crossed the bridge, I could see ducks with scuba diving equipment, [...]

Silly Irish Kuniguts?

Well, yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day, and it certainly wasn’t a success. Apparently Irish people are fairly piratophobic – my attemps at yarrring my way through a conversation were met with uncomprehension, contempt and a fair amount of offended looks. What is it, people? Haven’t you ever heard the word “fantasy”? Is it [...]


http://www.talklikeapirate.com/ That be all.

Ouaf, d’accord, desole, j’ai du me forcer un peu sur le titre. Mais c’est vrai qu’il a grand coeur, le Monsieur dont je parle. C’est un dessineux – vous savez, ces gens enervants a force d’avoir du talent? Il fait des ‘petits mickeys’ dans un style tres particulier mais tres chouette, quelque chose qui rappelle [...]

… mais c’est moi qui ai recu le cadeau! Apres avoir envoye des lettres a plusieurs personnes homonymes de ma chere Manou, des emails aussi, apres avoir essaye de retrouver sa trace tant bien que mal, j’avais pratiquement perdu espoir. Mais par acquis de conscience, parce que bon, elle vaut bien qu’on n’abandonne pas, j’ai [...]

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