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Archive for October, 2006

PETA: the other white meat

I was browsing around at work the other day and I found an old thread on a forum about a PETA campaign against the use of fur and leather, which revolved around naked women handing out flyers. There were two approaches there, one with either models or could-be-models, usually well received especially by the male [...]

Alors, à la demande générale (DEUX !), une autre horreur rimée, comme ça, pour de rire. La ‘morale’ est d’époque, mais j’ai refait le texte depuis, parce que malheureusement j’ai bien peur d’avoir perdu les originaux. Et ‘bleh !’ pour les déménagements à répétition. Donc, sans plus attendre, je me permets à nouveau de pouèter [...]

Il y a bien des années de cela, quand j’étais encore plein d’illusions quant à mes qualités littéraires, j’avais essayé de faire de la poésie. Soyons honnêtes, mes illusions se sont vites éteintes: je sais peut-être écrire, mais pas vraiment des poèmes. Pas des ‘vrais‘, en tout cas – pas des Lamartine ou des Baudelaire. [...]

Had another one of those long, convoluted dreams last night. I can’t remember everything in it though. Pity. So, it dealt with the colonization of another planet. There was first a small group of mostly scientists sent to the planet (I don’t think I was really part of them), and they discovered a rich, diverse [...]

The Hole

There’s this pit, you see, and it’s about… 4 to 5 meters in diameter. It’s a fairly straight, natural looking hole in the ground, with mostly rocky sides. You can’t see the bottom. And local people have been using it as a dumping spot for all their crap: mown grass, fridges, dead dogs, mars bars wraps, etc… [...]

No kidding. Check it out: http://www.wierzbowski.net/ Whaddaya mean, you don’t know who the Wierzbowski Hunters are? Pffft. You DO know who Wierz himself is, right? Right? Ok. History lesson: in 1986, James Cameron came up with a little gem of a sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien. The name was… Aliens. It was very nearly perfect. [...]

When my memories start, I am inside a massive building, something like a cross between a hotel and a government building. I am heading towards the exit, frowning and cogitating hard. I have noticed that a lot of people that look and act like hardcore mercenaries are converging towards the top floor, in ones and twos, [...]