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Archive for February, 2008

Quote from Erik the Viking, great movie by Terry Jones. I had one of those moments last night at work. I’m at the main desk, right, and to my left there are 3 computers for the public. And I give one of them to Customer X, who’s a nice guy but must weigh around 150, [...]

Here’s the thing…

… if you come to my cafe, and print eight pages from the internet, then you’ll be charged for eight pages, even if you only want the first one. What the fuck is wrong with you twits that you believe freebies are due to your incompetent asses?  I know. really a useless post. So what. I [...]

Poor Ayatollahs…

… they’re worried. They feel threatened. They feel oppressed. They feel it is necessary to put in place quotas for male presence in Iranian Universities. Would you believe it? While in so many countries it is women who have to fight an uphill battle to obtain basic rights; while our sisters must struggle to receive [...]

Random short one

Hl, the symbol of Hitlerite – a rare element created by the combustion in ditches of psychotic fuckheads.

So, this is a multi-stage dream we have here. The first stage, vaguely remembered, is of me going for some sort of half-futuristic cop/military training, and either dropping out of it or being kicked out. Either way, during training I meet a guy who becomes a vague friend. Important for later. Second part: very, very [...]

Chapter 1 – at last!

Right. So, here’s two pages of the first chapter, and the whole chapter in a .doc file to download and read as you please. Enjoy! —————————————————————————————————— A port city was always a place of wonder and amazement. Ships of all sizes and shapes, clad in multicoloured sails, lined the piers as they disgorged exotic merchandise [...]