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Archive for May, 2008

Monday foodage

Since I use this blog for everything and not much at all, including keeping a trace of those dreams I can remember, I figure another ridiculous use won’t actually hurt. With the readership I have, anyways, it’d be hard to do wrong… [Insert cricket noises and the mournful whistling of the wind here] So, as [...]

Of social graces…

How about a fun one, after all the philosophy and travels, mmh? Happened last Sunday in the Cafe. I’m doing the evening shift for Paddy cause he’s busy doing something golfey. Before getting there I buy a couple of burgers to stop myself from starving to death. You know – emergency bad food. I start [...]

Hell is other people…

Last night I had a wonderful dinner with my friends and neighbours the Lightholders, and we polished off a tasty amount of a rather good Gewurtztraminer. The end result being that when I went home, I was feeling preeeeetty good about the world. Going home I ran into Rob, who wasn’t drunk but seemed in [...]

Boom. Monday morning, rise and shine, and all that. And that day we finished the important museums of Bruges with the City Hall and its two main rooms – one Renaissance, one Neo-Gothic. Bioooooootiful. No, really, it was. I just keep remembering the portrait of Felipe IV of Spain, who really looks like he belonged [...]

Ok, so, no pics, and some delay. I’m not feeling at the top of my game right now, although I’m getting better slowly, thank you; besides, it’s not like anyone reads this thing anyways. This really is pointless, when you think about it… But still. I started, I should at least finish with the Belgium [...]

To pick up where I left off before the week-end, that Friday in Bruges started with a desperate quest for a cybercafe, which yielded quite poor results, really. We found 4 – two were closed, one had no printer, and the last one we discovered only at 5.30, and charged me 2.50€ for 2 minutes [...]

So, on that first day, we stopped at Waterloo, because, hey, how could I not, and Mom didn’t actually mind, so there. There isn’t much to see of the battlefield itself – and we didn’t happen to be there for one of the re-enactments. Which is a pity, really. Seeing large amounts of guys who [...]

Verdun. For those who don’t know, this is a town in Eastern France, and the general area where a key battle of WWI took place. This is where the French soldiers – the ‘surrender monkeys’ to the dumber of our American friends – simply refused to yield. For ten months, the Germans attacked with massed [...]

I went to Belgium for the last two weeks. It’s my usual (at least for the last three years) Spring vacation with my Mom, who’s a wonderful person with great taste for travelling, enough money to do it without counting every penny along the way, and a heart big enough to share it with her [...]