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Archive for June, 2008

Once again not much to say about the Monday itself, except that despite Kim’s rather accurate program for the evening we managed to keep the argument to a minimum, AND Sean stayed awake for all of Dr Who! How’s that for a splendid effort, mmh? Never mind, pretty private joke I suppose. The menu that [...]

One week and bits late, I know, but hey, it’s not like anyone’s reading. So, last week’s dinner – not much to report, just the usual fun. Layered glasses (verrines) For this one I managed to not find, forget to buy, or decide to pass on practically every ingredient in the actual recipe, apart from [...]

Well, that was another weird one and no mistake… Before I write down the dream itself, let me take a minute to discuss the series Torchwood. It’s crap. It really is. Acting is pretty much lousy from everyone except Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones), special mention to John Barrowman for some of the most dire emotional sequences [...]

Ahooga! Ahooga!   Don’t mind me. I just arrived at work after spending about an hour with Mr Daddy Lightholder, and upon seeing that I was zoning out a bit – one of those days – he gave me a vitamin B12 pill. These babies seem to work wonders with him and his wife as [...]

One month of dinners

Yep, it’s (past) that day again, and I shall give you a report on that fine evening, o you my inexistant readers! So this was the fourth week, and I’m glad to report we’re all still happy with doing it: I’m still having ridiculous fun cooking to French music, and my Yanks enjoy the food [...]

It’s been a while since I posted anything that didn’t have anything to do with food. Been quite busy, also a bit off centre; and also the fact that not even the people who encouraged me to write this thing even bother reading it anymore isn’t encouraging much activity. Not necessarily their fault – if [...]

Third Monday

Monday has come and gone, and once again there was much merriment and enjoyment of the foodage. This time I didn’t forget my camera – although whatever skill I may have once had at taking pictures was obviously left behind in the kitchen with the dirty pots and pans! One thing I have to say about [...]

First Monday dinner

And as promised this is the menu from our first Monday night dinner, 19th of May. Starting off with some “Pirogues de concombres au saumon fumé“. These I was particularly happy with – they were delicious, fun to make, and a minimum of work even made them kinda pretty to look at. Hey, it was [...]