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Archive for July, 2008

… get out of the Cybercafe… Summer is here, even in good old, cold Ireland (thank you Mr Climate Change!), and the temperature has gone up to a fancy 20, 21 degrees. This is actually my ideal temperature – not too warm, not too cold, perfect for enjoying a bit of a breeze. I should [...]

More Monday goodness

Encouraged by Kim’s fabulous Chinese BBQed pork, I decided to try some more exotic recipes – up till now I’ve been fairly staying around things that are either French, or pretty familiar to a French palate. Now, since I’m cooking for two Californians, I also decided that Chinese food is not something I should attempt [...]

That one was almost 3 weeks ago, shame on me shame on me. It was busy in the meantime, as I stated earlier. Fortunately the next week I only had a raclette on, and that doesn’t require an entry, really! So, let’s see if I can try and catch up today before I add a third extra week [...]

July 8th is my birthday. I generally don’t make a big fuss over it – no specific reason, just… I dunno. As time goes by, you start caring less about those things. I’m perfectly happy with spending some normal time with friends on that day, no frills. On the other hand, I also very much like [...]

One reason I haven’t made such a post before – besides my natural tendency to let things slide in this cyberspace, of course – is that pretty much all of my readers are either involved in the Spuds, or at the very least aware of them. Seems kinda redundant to go and make a post [...]

Found in translation…

This week has been a bit on the busy side, what with working on organising Sean’s birthday, having mine, some work-related things and all, and so the Monday report is delayed. Fortunately I took the easy way out for last week as I simply got a Raclette going (and spilled the dessert all over the [...]