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Yesterday I was a very sad Frenchman indeed. After 6 years of friendship, 3 and a half of life in common, 6 months of neighbourly fun… my American friends are finally going back home to San Francisco.

Kim left Monday morning at 5 AM with the munchkin. Sean will follow in three weeks. There are no words to express how deeply sad I am to see them go. It’s a very selfish feeling – they’re going back to their families, better professional prospects, in all likelyhood better life all around. It’s good for them.

But they won’t be my neighbours anymore. I won’t be able to nip in for a quick cup of tea or a weekly Doctor Who viewing. No more playing with the Munchkin, no more staring at Kim ’till she yells at me. It’s a big hole in my life, right there.


Still. Planes are marvellous inventions. And they aren’t that expensive anymore. I’ll visit.

And of course, it doesn’t matter how far they are. They’re my friends. And that won’t change.


Kim, Sean. I owe you some of the best moments of my life. I love you like family. I will miss you oh so much.

Take care, my friends.


10 Responses to “A parting of the ways…”

  1. on 09 Sep 2008 at 3:07 pm Julia

    Hey Capt’n Frenchy,

    It certainly is a loss, for you more so, cause of your intimate friendship with the Lightholder family.

    Nonetheless, try to see the positiv aspects. There is an excuse to go California. Not that you’d need one, but hey, visiting people is always a good reason to travel far and invest a bit more. And you have Sean for three more weeks, so enjoy this time like you never did before.

    And you might get more often comments to your blogs from Kim, as email seems a very reasonable way of communicating and staying in contact.

    Well it’s a try

  2. on 09 Sep 2008 at 4:25 pm Erica

    A sad moment indeed. I’m reminded of how millions left Europe for life in the US, knowing they might never return to see their loved ones. But you’re right–planes are marvelous, and when you jet over to visit your friends in SF, you can nip up my way as well.

    On a different note: You’re cracking me up with your side comments in the translations, J.

  3. on 09 Sep 2008 at 5:34 pm Grumpy Frenchman

    Julia, I love Kim to death, but one reason I feel her departure more strongly than I will Sean’s is that I know he will stay in touch almost daily; but Kim’s writing habits are not nearly as steady.

    Not that I’m afraid she’ll forget me altogether or anything. It’s just another bite taken out of our literal closeness. Daily email/chats would be brilliant, but I don’t really expect them.

    And Kim, if you read this, please understand that I’m not attacking your character here. The Devil knows I’ve been guilty of not writing often enough myself; I certainly can’t afford to throw rocks at anyone else. It’s an irrational fear, not a justified complaint.

    The good thing about it though is that any email from you is extra special! ^_^
    But Julia’s right. Comments will be most welcome – whenever I do write something. (You have a few posts to catch up on, maybe?)

  4. on 09 Sep 2008 at 5:39 pm Bean

    Tis a sad time indeed Frenchy.
    Everyone is leaving… but change, though hard, is often a better deal for ones lifestyle.

    Maybe we can try and chat rather than sitting in opposite rooms, reading each other’s ramblings online! )

  5. on 09 Sep 2008 at 5:51 pm Patrick

    Very touching! Bless!

  6. on 09 Sep 2008 at 5:52 pm Grumpy Frenchman

    You know, when I left France it wasn\’t nearly that hard. For one thing, my family was already all over the place – my Dad on Reunion Island, my Mom working 100 Kms away from the family house and therefore gone throughout the week, my sister in college first, then in England for 2 years…
    My friends had scattered as well – Japan, Australia, Ireland, USA, various parts of France. Leaving as well, expatriating my grumpy behind, was just exchanging a distance for another one. There was a certain degree of sadness, but not nearly as much.
    Plus it was ME doing the moving…
    But I\’ve changed since then, and I\’ve become more aware of my need for Human company, for close friendship (in the geographical sense as well), I\’ve become more ready to accept it. In no small part, thanks to Sean and Kim.
    Which, of course, makes it twice as tough to see them go…

    Ah well. I don\’t want to sound maudling. I\’m pretty sad right now, but I\’m not desperate or suicidal. It\’s unfortunate, but that\’s life. And they\’re not lost to me anymore than I am to them. I just wish someone would hurry up with teleportation technology already…

    Meh. If the translation gig starts bringing in enough money, maybe I\’ll just move to the Bay Area! D

    Erica: it\’s a date (kinda – you know what I mean!). And cheers! I am GOOD at side/bottom comments. I learned from the Master!

  7. on 09 Sep 2008 at 5:53 pm Patrick

    Bleh, hit the submit comment button too early

    Everyone’s gonna miss Sean and Kim loads and loads, even those of us who haven’t seen too much of them lately! Greatest friends anyone could have!

  8. on 09 Sep 2008 at 6:18 pm Grumpy Frenchman

    Damn, people posting comments WHILE I am responding… o_O There’s a first!

    Change could be good. Sometimes I think that the Lightholders not being my direct neighbours could do my social life a world of good.
    Sometimes I’m afraid it might kill it entirely! :p

    As for chats… What, real life, face to face chats? Interacting?? For real???
    My God, man, are you insane?? :O

  9. on 09 Sep 2008 at 6:50 pm Bean

    Darn tootin’! )

  10. on 03 Jan 2009 at 6:30 am Sean

    Missin ya loads, Sir Grumps! Say a prayer to the gods of employment that we might get our own place and have ya out soon!


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