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Ok, so it’s about time I make good on my promise of putting things online. So, for your reading pleasure (I hope!), here is the prologue to Clockwork Fairy. I’m putting it on a separate page – it’s a bit long for a blog entry.

A few ground rules:

- Obviously, this is mine. No stealing my prose. This should go without saying, and I trust my friends completely in that, but just in case someone wanders in from the net and thinks it’s perfectly all right to steal my writing and claim it as their own, well… it’s not. Capice?

- I need feedback. So don’t forget to eMail me with your impressions, corrections needed, things you caught that don’t sound too English, etc… It’s important. You can leave comments on the page, but if you want to contact me directly, use the eMail form here. It’s also a good spot to subscribe to the newsletter and know when I’ll post the rest of it. cool

- For the rest of the story, my current idea is that I may post the first few paragraphs of each chapter, maybe, and then send the rest to people who ask for it – and give me feedback! So, if you don’t do your part by helping me improve it, no rest of the story for you! I may decide later to change how I do it, depending on whether I get readers, finish the story and/or try to get it published.

- The story isn’t finished yet – I’ve written 12 chapters, around 100 000 words, but I estimate I’ll need about half that again to reach the end of the scenario. Writing, and subsequent posting, will be on a very episodic schedule. Not much change there, you say; that’s correct, I just wanted you to know it!


Well, that’s it. The prologue can be found at this page, or from the top tabs. Go read, and enjoy yourselves!



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