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In the Beginning…

… random changes in an uncaring Universe created the Heaven and the Earth, and flowers and snow and beer and Insurance Salesmen. And everything went from ordered and flat to extremely disordered and mightily complicated, and there was some rejoicing in between the terror and the pain.

Particles exploded, gases expanded, rocks coalesced and comets whizzed around like skaters on acid, until funny-looking blobs started moving around looking for food, shelter, and singles bars. Didn’t take long before something yelled at something else, and communication was born. And now, eeeeons later, we’ve got blogs.

Now that’s evolution for you kiddies.


This, is my blog. Home on the net. It’s where I’ve decided to try and get some creative processing done, since I’m so obviously incapable of doing it otherwise. Considering how long I spend online per day, it’s not such a crazy idea after all.

Now, don’t expect genius. Don’t expect sense. Don’t expect logic, or continuity, or some sort of theme. I’m going to put whatever I damn well want or feel like on this site, regardless of guidelines, frequentations, or requests. This is not an attempt at pleasing the masses with something publishable; it’s merely a personal collection of works that happens to be online.

Even so, it’s nice to be read, and even more so to be liked. Please say so if you like the content. My ego will purr happily.

So, the last two paragraphs aren’t really compatible. Well, I’m a walking paradox. Deal with it. )

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