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I hear the crowds clamouring, the vast multitudes crying out, wondering, pondering… In great pounding waves their question crashes onto the shores of my consciousness, rolling the pebbles of my thoughts in its surf.

“Why? Why, oh why, do you put your dreams online for others to see? Why bare your subconscious for all to see, and subject us to your bizarre REM ghosts? And also to your verbosity?”

And verily, unto you I deliver this answer:

“Why not?”


Seriously. A blog’s pretty much a “do what you want” zone, so, why not a dream journal? ‘Cause that’s what it is; a place for me to write down what is still kinda fresh in my mind in the morning. If at the same time it can keep other people even mildly entertained; if it can go towards my quota of exhibitionism; if it can fill up this blog… (dream = free content! Wheeeee! ^_^ )

My dreams are always fairly wild and vivid. I dream in surround sound and Technicolour, with a large Special Effects budget and occasionally some famous cast members. The ones I remember are often even weirder than the average; they usually put a slightly bemused expression on my face for the day, you know, the one that says: “Where in ten thousand Hells and Heavens did I get THAT from??”

I figure, if it works for me, maybe it’ll work for you. D


Oh, and if there’s interest for it, maybe others can post theirs as well – you know, make it something like a morning campfire, when outdoors folk gather around their coffee and share the shreds of their night, in between grunts, scratching, and the occasional fart…

Well, for all-male company anyways.

2 Responses to “Onirosphere”

  1. on 15 Nov 2010 at 1:25 pm lisa

    hello, here is my dream for this night:

    I was a member of a tribe, on an island. There was another tribe. And my tribe had decided to make war to this other one. So they gave me a bow and a lance. And with these weapons in my hands I began walking with the people of my tribe towards the other tribe.

    there was just some minutes left before we got to this other tribe and start the fight. I felt resigned to follow the decision of my tribe, and also contrained to this decision because there was no other way, no chance to escape from this island. Yet I also felt fear in me and something which was refusing the fight. And then, I imagined the weapons of the others planted in my flesh and the harm, I got terrified, and I decided to flee.

    so I left the group, throwed my bow in a bush, and at the moment I did this, I felt the fear that the members of my tribe could find this bow, then find me, and I realised that they would pursue me for vengeance, and kill me because I did’nt want to fight with them.

    So I tried to find the best hidden place in the bushes, hided silently, waiting for the end of the war… But I got the feeling that it could not happen so easily, they would find me, it was certain, like written in a scenario.

    the fear of dying, of being killed, transformed into certitude, into felling of boredom, of a too well-known scenario.

    And at this time, I decided that the program wasn’t interesting anymore, and that I didn’t want to follow anymore, did’nt want to see the end.

    So, I simply decided to switch the channel, As I just transformed from the character of a film to the holder of the remote control!

    this is where I realised I was in a dream, and I felt great.

    And it also feels great to tell it to you, and I’d also like to tell you about the way I found your blog, cause this is also amazing.


  2. on 18 Nov 2010 at 3:05 pm Grumpy Frenchman

    Hi Lisa – ou bien bonjour, je crois!

    Interesting dream, for sure. There’s nothing quite like taking control and zapping away all your problems. If you get to fly away afterwards, it’s a home run. )

    So… How did you find this comatose blog, anyway? I get the feeling somehow that I should know you from somewhere else. Is that it?

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